a message from the editor guy…

Havit! has been twenty years in the making. Well, they said it could be done well or done quickly. (Turns out it can be done both ways but not if you are easily distracted by shiney objects.)

Havit! is a mix of the pracitcal, the inspriational and the aspirational – and it was, partly, borne of frustration – frustration at having to access so many websites to pull together basic information that readers need – from those starting off in home ownership, to those extending, resizing, upgrading or remodelling or simply looking to do things in a way that suits their lifestyle!  Because that’s what a home should apire to. Somewhere that enables us to live our best lives.

Whatever form that may take.

So here’s our promise. Havit! is free to access and we strive to make sure that as well as the pretty pictures you will always come away with something useful! And maybe inspriational too.

But whatever you are looking for, make Havit! your first port of call. That’s the idea. And that’s why one of our first attempts at a slogan was:

“Havit! A kind of a forum / inspirational network, information hub, sort of space, for homeowners. With pictures. Lot’s of pictures.”

Ah, memories. Still think it’s got something…


Martin. Writer. Miloh. Office cat. (interchangeable)