Do you want to separate waste, but don’t want to waste space on lots of bins?

Brabantia sorts your problem with the new Sort & Go Stackable Bins in Light Grey, Dark Grey, Fir Green and Jade Green.

This new, 20L addition to the Sort & Go family is stackable, strong, and goes anywhere!

Like under your desk for plastics or paper – it is made to fit A4 size. Simply stack the bins to create your ideal recycling station. 

Pile up, style up. 
The stackable Sort & Go is great for sorting waste in your office, garage or kitchen.

It easily fits A4 paper, is sturdy, easy to clean and you can stack up to three bins.

Even when stacked, the front part of the lid is easy to open and can be removed for even easier access.

This pile of style, like the rest of the family, is Cradle-to-Cradle® Certified on Silver level.

It measures nearly 27 x 34.5 x 40 cm, has a handy bottom grip and handle for easy emptying and is available from week 36 in Light Grey, Dark Grey, Fir Green and Jade Green.

You get a 10-year Brabantia guarantee and service on it too!   

Says Valerie Denys, category manager, Waste Management: ‘We all want to separate waste, but we don’t want to fill our floors with bins and boxes for sorting it.

‘That is why we’ve come up with these stackable bins. Stack it, sort it, love it.’ 

Sort & Go family
The Sort & Go Stackable bin can easily be mixed and matched with other bins from the Sort & Go family.

The plastic Sort & Go Recycle Bins come in 7 sizes, and 4 colours. All you need to set up your own system for storing and sorting different types of waste.

The 3-litre and equally cute 6-litre bin with stay-open lid are perfect for disposal of organic waste, right on the kitchen counter.

You can use the 12- and 16-litre bins for bottles, cans, packaging or anything else you want sorted.

All bins, made to be stacked and combined – the 20- and a 25-litre bin together have the same height as a 40-litre bin.

The 20-litre bin fits the exact size of A4 paper or magazines. Perfect for building your own recycling station!

There’s a built-in version too, with 2×12-litre or 2x 16-litre.

Nice to know: you can easily hang the 6-, 12- and 16-litre bins on the wall. Happy organizing! 

The Brabantia Sort&Go Collection consists of 7 different bins in four colours, all with a 10-year guarantee.