Like a beacon, Jono’s House & Home lights up the Diamond in the centre of Monaghan Town with its vibrant, welcoming storefront. And beyond the inviting – and ever-so-tastefully-curated – window displays the store does not disappoint. And that is why Jono’s is our gia store for 2023!

To enter Jono’s House & Home is to enter a wonderland of homewares, cookware, furniture, kitchen items and so much more. And tying it all together is the passion and creativity of the team, led by owners, Joyce and Noel Mulligan.


Joyce tells us how they started off in Monaghan Shopping Centre back in ’97 and subsequently moved to their current landmark location. One reason for this move was to attain more space.

‘And this space became available on the Diamond in the heart of Monaghan,’ says Joyce. ‘So, we went for it.’ 

They now have over 4,000 sq. feet at their disposal, plus storage in this location.

How has it all changed? For starters, says Joyce things have developed a lot more in terms of homewares.

‘We used to be mainly kitchen in the shopping centre,’ she explains.

They also developed into pictures and furniture and more besides.


Joyce reflects on the popularity of items like bakeware at the moment. ‘That is big along for us, as are all the chilli bottles and cafetieres too,’ she says.

‘Denby is a brand that is going very well and brings people in as well. Then there are the Stellar and Ciculron products and Joseph Joseph are still selling very well – they do what it says on the tin!’

The giftware – for weddings, housewarmings and engagements is also popular here, adds Joyce.

As for fashions, ‘TV has really inspired customers who come looking for the latest items,’ she adds.  ‘For example those items that the TV chefs use. (As in every other store in our sector!)

‘They are very sophisticated now,’ agrees Joyce, referring to the clientele.

And that means of course the obligation to keep up with changing fashions, trends and demands on behalf of those in Jono’s.

‘We have to be on top of sourcing; there are so many good products now,’ adds Joyce.


That’s something that seems to be accomplished extremely well here! And it’s little wonder they attract shoppers from far and wide at Jono’s.

‘We have people who come from Dundalk and we get customers from across the border too,’ notes Joyce. ‘We have a second shop (in the town) which is a good draw as well, it’s a lighting shop.

(Star Lighting, established 1984. Mainly lighting, interior design, furniture and giftware.)

‘Customers are a real cross section.’

So how is business at the moment and how has it been, getting back to ‘normality’ after the pandemic?

‘I think people are glad to be getting out again after Covid,’ says Joyce. ‘You see them around with smiles on their faces.’


As 2023 dawned of course it’s onwards and upwards for Jono’s, having been selected as Irish gia store by Hardware & Homestyle, this year.